Our Inspiration

All people treasure the memories of departed family and friends. 

In 2014, Cody Erickson — LivingTags™ founder — lost his sister prematurely. They were very close, and he wanted her life to be remembered. So, he made a grave marker with a QR code that people could scan and see the wonderful media he created spotlighting his sister’s life.

At his sister’s funeral, people were asking Cody for help to create a scannable marker for their departed family members. It was plain to see an unfilled need for a device that provides a connection from the gravesite to the web to have access to rich media created by loved ones.

We envision a time when most headstones will have a LivingTag™. Then even strangers walking through a cemetery can stop and learn something from those who have passed on.

Now you can give a voice to your departed loved ones.